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Menstrual Cup Comparison: EvaCup vs DivaCup


Did you know that cheap yet nameless cups are now being sold online? Such menstrual cups imitated the designs of most known cup brands and produced more copies without undergoing any high standard quality testing.

Choosing the best menstrual cup may seem difficult, especially if you are introduced to other cup brands available in the market.

In the world of consumerism, a good consumer never forgets product research and detailed comparison. And yes, checking online reviews by users from reputable websites like Amazon.

We have come up a menstrual cup comparison of the two of the best period cups in the market today, the DivaCup and Anigan’s EvaCup. The two brands will be compared in terms of safety, convenience, design and affordability and online reviews from cup users.

Company Profiles

Anigan EvaCup 

As compared to the DivaCup, the EvaCup menstrual cup is a newcomer in the menstrual cup world yet it has gained popularity among cup users who prefer cheaper yet reliable cups. It’s proudly manufactured in the USA and is FDA approved.


The DivaCup is the most popular menstrual cup brand among the other feminine cup brands. It has already gained its own reputation and name in the world of menstrual cups and is trusted by users. It’s made in Canada and is made from FDA approved material.

EvaCup vs DivaCup


EvaCup is made from FDA approved medical grade silicone. DivaCup is made from 100% silicone without latex, rubber or BPA.

Both cups are safe and environment-friendly. Also, the cups have high quality standards and have earned the trust of regular feminine cup users.

Consumers are attracted to products with cheap price tags, sometimes compromising health and safety. It is important to research if the cup is legit and where it is manufactured because no woman would want to put fake cups inserted inside them.

Be aware that any company selling products can easily claim that they’re FDA approved and their cups are safe. If you check the other product details of most popular brands, they are mostly made from high grade medical silicone. You can check this article about “Nameless and Cheap Cups – Safety & Ethics“.

In contrast, the nameless cups are made from food grade silicone which is not a safe material for a menstrual cup. Such unbranded cups are made in China and are being sold in online stores such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc.
Cup Sizing

DivaCup’s size is larger than other cups. Based on some user reviews from Amazon, some women felt uncomfortable with the cup sizing of DivaCup. Although the cup was labeled small, users claim it’s too large for a small sized cup.

It has two sizes: Size 1 and Size 2. Some women who are over 30 are recommended to use the Size 2, however, they complain about the cup being too huge.

They want to try the other small cup size but there are hesitations because of the fact that the cup is non-refundable for hygienic purposes and buying a new DivaCup means spending more money for one cup.

However, other users commented that constant use of the cup takes off all your worries about the size and you’ll soon get used to it.

The EvaCup is available in two sizes, small and large. Some users also have same complaint with the sizing – too large for women who are already over 30 years old.

However, EvaCup users aren’t that bothered to buy another EvaCup with a different size because it’s affordable than DivaCup.


The first concern of most girls while on their period is period leakage. A good menstrual cup is supposed to be leakage free. Based on user reviews, Anigan’s Evacup does its job pretty well and can hold more menstrual fluid than other cups.

While DivaCup earned the loyalty of most women, some women have complaints about it being too firm, making it a big factor why it doesn’t fold well and cause unwanted leaks especially if the user is always on the move or sleeping at night.

Comfort and Design Convenience

The EvaCup is made of silicone so it’s flexible and comfortable. As compared to other known menstrual brands, EvaCup is softer and folds conveniently, as shown in most video clip reviews. Removing the cup is easy.

The only thing that gets complaints from users is its sizing, making users worry about comfort issues and leaks.

While the DivaCup is also made of silicone, users hate its firmness. A few users also have negative comments about the difficulties they had in inserting and removing the cup.

They need to keep it completely folded until it is inside and once it’s inside, there are times when it comes back out. Based on users’ comments, there are instances when it becomes painful and messy.

Removing the cup is more challenging. The cup’s stem is also a bit shorter making it quite difficult to pull out. However, as previously stated in the company’s website, the first try can be challenging so you need to practice so you will soon master inserting and removing the cup without any discomfort.

One of the best features of DivaCup is it can inhibit menstrual odor by capturing it before they become air born.

A good menstrual cup should be comfortable and easy to use. It should not cause irritation and should take good care of your reproductive health. Celebrate womanhood, choose your cup wisely.

Do you have something to say about our EvaCup vs. DivaCup comparison? Please, leave us a comment below! 😉


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